Court Filing

Thomas Court Services we provide court filing in addition to process service for our clients’ convenience.


Court Rules and Research:

Every state has a different set of rules about filing with the courts. It is important to correctly mark your paperwork with your case number, make sufficient copies for all parties involved, keep multiple case numbers organized, and ensure that all of your paperwork follows form requirements within your state. Many courts also have local rules for filing that require cover sheets or separate forms. Thomas Court Services employees are often in and out of the courts, and have extensive experience in our areas. We communicate often with county clerks and can ensure that your documents have been filed properly. We will keep you up to date on the status of all filings.


Proof of Service and Other Services:

When you file a lawsuit, you will need to file a petition or complaint and a summons. This is when you require a process server to legally serve these documents to the defendant. Once the process server has legally served the papers to the recipient, they fill out a Proof of Service with the name of the person served, to what address they were served, what time and date, and how the papers were served. The process server then signs the Proof of Service and it must be filed with the court. If you have us file your paperwork, there will be far fewer exchanges of the documents to be served, speeding up the entire court filing process.


Courier services:

Thomas Court Services will pick up and deliver your documents wherever you need them to go. We are your one stop company for court services. We will do court research, provide process service, file your documents with the court, and deliver copies of them wherever you need.


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