Skip Tracing

Sometimes the person who you are trying to serve is evasive and difficult to find. Thomas Court Services conducts locates and skip traces with our clients’ approval when the service of process cannot be completed otherwise. Using information provided on the document to be served, we use public and private databases to find either the person or evidence of evasion.


When you are trying to locate a person, it is important to find an experienced process server with investigative and surveillance training. Skip tracing can involve a phone book, private and public sector databases, talking to community officers, or even social media research. At Thomas Court Services, our process servers are committed to finding our clients’ skip quickly, efficiently, and professionally.


Because we have so many locations across the country, we are able to provide quality skip tracing in New York, Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Utah. We are also nationally and internationally affiliated with a network of process servers and can help you find any skip, nationwide.

Fees for this service are variable and require client contact for a specific quote.